Selling a property in Melbourne?

We understand selling a property can be stressful. What if something goes wrong?

For instance;

  • The buyer tries to sue you after the purchase
  • The buyer can no longer obtain the money for the sale
  • A boundary issue you were not aware of on your property arises

Don’t worry; we have come across nearly all issues that arise when selling a property. As qualified Lawyers specialising in Conveyancing we can advise you on the next steps to resolve any issue. We prepare contracts of sale for all types of properties, including off the plan, strata titles, auctions and commercial properties. As the seller you have the right to determine the terms in the contract and we will ensure the contract will be to your best advantage.

Selling Made Easy

Our understanding of the steps involved in the Melbourne property market has allowed us to streamline the process of transferring ownership of a property. We will take you through the transfer process from start to finish. At the start we will give you an idea of what to expect and a timeline of the process. At each stage of the transfer of sale process we will work towards a speedy settlement date. The last thing you want is any delay in settlement due to any mistakes on your part.

What can you expect?

  • We will protect you if there is a dispute after the buyer takes possession of the property
  • Negotiate and draw up contract amendments for you
  • Handle property transactions for you
  • Make sure you have an effective release of any mortgage with your lender
  • Forward proceeds of bank cheque or direct deposit to your account
  • Represent you at settlement meetings
  • Communicate to and co-ordinate banks, real estate agents and settlement agents

Contract Signing

After contract signing we will write to your lender and request a payout figure of your mortgage. Then make arrangements for settlement.

Final Inspection

We liaise with the Buyers representative to arrange the final inspection. The Buyer is entitled to a final inspection to ensure the property is in the same condition as when purchased. If the Buyer wants to negotiate any fixtures or fittings to be included in the purchase or they claim a fault in the condition that differed to purchase time we advise you on what to do.


The settlement date is always specified in the Contract of Sale. We will contact all parties involved and organise your settlement meeting. After signing we collect your cheque from the bank and deposit it to your account.


We will advise you when your property needs to be vacated. The keys will be given to the real estate agent and only made available to the Buyer on our instruction. And we will only give to okay after settlement has gone through and we have spoken to you.


We will advise the relevant Water authority and council of the change of ownership. If a body corporate is involved we will contact them also. You will need to advise the final readings for telephone, data, gas and electricity. Again we will advise you of the vacate date so you know when to disconnect your property.


Everything you need to know about Selling your Property

What we do to assist you in selling:

    • Take your instructions and all the information relating to the property
    • Acquire the required certificates in relation to your Section 32 / Vendors Statement
    • Prepare the contract in relation to the selling process – for example Auction or Private Sale
    • Make sure that your real estate agent has the Contracts or/ and Section 32 within 24-48 hours.
    • If your property requires an Owners Corporation Certificate then delays may occur. This is due to the Body Corporate office of which have a 5-10 waiting period on providing certificates.
    • Preparation of Section 27 to assist with early release of deposit
    • Preparing any required Discharge of Mortgage/s required with discharging your Title
    • Assisting to withdraw any applicable Caveats to your property
    • Working with the Purchasers conveyancer/ solicitor in relation to any finance clause and deposit payable
    • Liaising with real estate agents in relation to full deposits paid. And having the deposit released within 28 days after Section 27 has been provided.
    • Arranging and booking settlement arrangements with your bank or banks solicitors and or any solicitors where caveats may apply
    • Booking settlement with purchasers conveyancer/ solicitor
    • Obtaining the payout figure from your financial institution
    • Notifying the sellers agent when settlement is complete
    • Notifying water, council and/or Owners Corporation office of change of ownership

What do you need to provide us with for selling?

We require a copy of the following;

  • Rate Notice
  • Recent Water Notice
  • Owners Corporation Invoice or Common Property Insurance
  • Rental Agreement

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