Looking for a Conveyancer in Melbourne? Fordes Conveyancing deals with all types of property conveyancing from buying, transfer and selling. We are experienced in domestic as well as commercial conveyancing. The Melbourne property scene is our speciality. Our team have built great relationships with the many parties that deal in this market; real estate companies, lenders and relevant government bodies. We liaise with all of the parties on your behalf and always protect your legal rights. Your best interest is always our top priority.

What am I paying for?

    • Value with peace of mind. Relative to the property purchase price, conveyancing fees are low. But if the conveyancing process falls over or is delayed this can affect other costs. A Buyer may pull out if delays are put in place.
    • Streamline Processes. Conveyancing is our business and we know it back to front. This means we have been able to streamline every step. We will make sure you have all the paperwork signed and co-ordinate meetings and communication with all the parties. No delays will be due to any fault on your behalf.
    • Plain language. Jargon is ever present in law, but we don’t use jargon when speaking or emailing you. If you have any questions we can be contacted 24/7 and will make sure you get the answer to your questions. Contracts are full of clauses and not written for easy reading. All of our team are qualified Lawyers and we deal daily with contracts. We will make sure any clauses or terms that are not in your best interest are explained in full and advise you on any changes needed.

Why Should I Pay for Conveyancing? Can I DIY Conveyancing?

Whether you are looking to expand your property portfolio or making a first home purchase we are dedicated to giving you the best legal advice to protect your interests. Our team live and breathe the Melbourne conveyancing world. If the purchase or selling of the property may be more difficult due to boundary issues or title caveats, don’t worry we have dealt with most type of issues. We know how to best manoeuvre in these situations.  Conveyancing is not something that should be undertaken by anyone unqualified in the field. It could cost thousands if any mistakes are made. Contact us now to ask any questions you have.

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