Conveyancing Doncaster

Doncaster Suburb Profile


Doncaster is suburb that has something for everyone. Its location right next to the Eastern free-way means you are only 10 minutes from the city. Or hip suburbs like Brunswick or Richmond. Conversely the suburb is very popular for families with its large open green spaces and popular schools. Shopoholics love Westfield Doncaster. The shopping centre is huge, with restaurants, a cinema and designer boutiques. Doncaster also is home to some top Chinese and Yum Cha restaurants. Many new apartment buildings have been built in the last decade. In addition new large apartment buildings are currently under construction.


The neighbourhood is very car friendly with the free-way and roads connecting the East to the North. Buses are the main form of public transport. And a ‘Park and Ride’ service is offered. Which means parking your car in a bay next to the free-way and a bus taking you to the city via a designated bus lane on the free-way. The suburb boomed in the 1970’s and before this was filled with orchards. Large homes built in the 70’s are in Doncaster. A lot of knock down rebuilds happen, or creative renovations take place. Land size is great in Doncaster and the median house price is $1.3 million. With plenty of apartments, dealing with body corporate and shared titles may come up during buying and selling. Getting the services of a conveyancer who has experience in these matters is vital.


Fordes Conveyancing

Fordes provides services throughout Melbourne. Moreover we have assisted many apartment transfers for buyers and sellers. Our understanding of the body corporate structure and apartment living means we know what to look for in these property contracts. At every step we ensure our clients meet their legal obligations and all the while protect their rights and interests.
We are a trusted Melbourne conveyancing company with an experienced team of Conveyancers. Our team works in partnership with Lawyers for your individual conveyancing needs. Or any legal property issues. Trust your property portfolio and real estate legalities to our team.


Conveyancing Services Doncaster

Do you need conveyancing services for buying and selling in Doncaster? Fordes offers affordable and streamlined services that result in fuss free property transfer. We are a professional conveyancing and property settlement firm. In addition we operate independently of any banks/financial institutions. Due to being a privately owned company your interests are always put first. As a result of our client first focus, we find our clients come back to us when they need further conveyancing help.


Our Conveyancing Services

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Contract reviews
  • Mortgage reviews
  • Commercial lease
  • Legal advise on property transfer

Fordes provides services throughout Melbourne, and in particular the inner suburbs. We understand these suburbs conveyancing needs especially well. We have assisted many properties of the million plus value and understand the importance when dealing with these high value homes. At every step we ensure our clients meet their legal obligations and all the while protect their rights and interests.


What to Expect When Buying or Selling


Do you know why you need a conveyancer when buying or selling property? Conveyancing is essentially the transfer of title between two parties. A lot of paperwork is involved with conveyancing, with numerous legal documents. The paperwork is in every step and as a result needs correct preparation, execution, verification and lodgement. If the bank finds any aspect of the paperwork is incorrect they may not approve final finance. Therefore settlement can be delayed as a result. In addition to delays, these can add thousands of dollars in costs and at worst cause the other party to withdraw. Most noteworthy these examples are just a couple of many intricate processes are part of the conveyancing process.

Furthermore we undertake property investigation for clients on any issues that affect the purchase. Theses investigations can find the following issues during these investigations;

  • Outstanding rates
  • Proposals by government departments
  • Illegal buildings
  • Caveats on the title
  • Sunset clauses


Why Choose Us?

We help with any issues that may arise from title investigations that range in complexity. Our team never cut corners and pride ourselves in offering excellent services at affordable prices. Call us today, we are always available to chat with. Another popular feature we offer is easy quotes and pricing structures. Finally, we cover any conveyancing services needed from straightforward to complex and we do all the work for you.