Change of ownership

Fordes is able to help with all change of ownership applications. If you have a change of circumstance and need a title to be in another name this is the service you require.

An example of the circumstances maybe as follows:

  • A refinancing that requires a change of ownership to obtain finance approval
  • Divorce and having one partner removed from the title to enable refinance and complete settlement
  • A title that needs a name added
  • A gift – for example family members/parents giving house to children
  • Related parties – families that require a property transfer to another family member
  • Removing a name from the title that was added to obtain finance
  • Changing from a company name to your own or vice versa for taxation purposes

Change of Ownership fees

Please note not all of these fees may be applicable.

  • Stamp Duty
  • Title Office registration fees
  • Conveyancing fees – preparation of legal documents, attendances to State Revenue Office and Title Office,
  • settlement booking, and all applicable meetings.
  • Bank fees for refinancing

To assist with of Change of Ownership on Title we require the following documents;

  • original copy of the real estate agents valuation
  • original copy of the most recent rate notice

Your Fordes Conveyancer will complete all the legal documents required for your transaction and obtain a stamped transfer. Once this is established we will assist to complete your Change of Ownership requirements.
Please note each and every circumstance is individual . We will work to protect your interests and assist you to achieve the best possible result.