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Conveyancing Services

Fordes Conveyancing is centrally located in Melbourne CBD. As a professional conveyancing and property settlement firm, we are an independent from any bank/financial institution and privately owned. This means we can provide a conveyancing service that puts our clients, you, in the lead position. We specialise in all types of property conveyancing, residential, strata, commercial, investment property or industrial. Our conveyancing service is provided throughout Melbourne and we are fully compliant with all legal regulations and requirements. Fordes Conveyancing goes above and beyond to make sure we help our clients with all parts of purchasing, selling or leasing a property. At every step we ensure you meet your legal obligations and protect your rights and interests.

What is Conveyancing Melbourne ?

If you are not familiar with what happens during a property purchase then you may not understand what happens during the conveyancing process. In essence conveyancing is the transfer of title between two parties. A lot of paperwork and different parties are involved in the before the final contract signing and transfer of the property. The preparation, execution, verification and lodgement of numerous legal documents are significant components of conveyancing. Banks need to have stringent conditions met before final finance approval; such as building inspections and preparation of correct title documents. Fordes Conveyancing clearly explain what is going to happen at each step and make sure you are up to date with the where the process is at. We won’t use legal jargon but plain English when explaining these steps. At settlement legal documents are exchanged and the payment of the purchase price. It is the Conveyancers job to make sure each step leading up to settlement from the initial investigating of the title to the final registration of the property transfer at the Land Titles Office is performed correctly.

What does a Conveyancer do?

Title search investigations is a very important step in conveyancing, you need to know if anything is going to affect your purchase. The following can be found during these investigations;

  • Outstanding rates
  • Proposals by government departments
  • Illegal buildings
  • Caveats on the title

We have dealt with many complex conveyancing cases and can help you with any issues that may arise from title investigations. We are expert conveyancers in Melbourne and make sure our clients experience the best service. We are always available to chat with and also keep you up to date with what step your settlement is at and the expected handover date.

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Conveyancing cost

Our fees are competitive with absolutely no compromise on quality. The focus is on quality conveyancing providing our clients with the top conveyancers at such competitive fees that it is not out of reach for anybody. Conveyancing needs to be performed by an experienced professional; it is not something you want to try a DIY with. We have no hidden fees and will provide an up-front quote so will have no surprises.
Low cost conveyancing Melbourne

  • Know what you are paying and what you are paying for
  • Understand what happens during conveyancing
  • Be kept informed at every step of the process

Our Team is always up to date with new information in the legal industry regarding conveyancing. Conveyancing is needed for many different varieties of property purchasing;

  • Buying a new home
  • Buying at auction
  • Buying a first home
  • Buying of the plan
  • Selling a property
  • Selling at auction
  • Contract review
  • Subdividing land
  • Easement alterations
  • Commercial lease
  • Mortgage Refinancing

Whether it is straightforward or complex procedures included in property settlement we are able to help. If you want to buy or sell your real estate in Melbourne conveyancing is a must. Contact us now at Fordes Conveyancing for an obligation free quote. Don’t risk any unknowns when it comes to property, we make sure we have you covered for all legalities and the speediest settlement possible. Fordes Conveyancing is in Partnership with Provey Conveyancing Melbourne for all legal conveyancing matters. 

Expert Conveyancing

Fordes Conveyancing provides everything you need for fast, easy and accurate conveyancing. The difference you find in Fordes from other conveyancers is we focus on you. Our clients come first. You are our number one priority Furthermore we know our clients find our service excellent because of the number of referrals and repeat business we receive. And that is proof of the fact we get it right each and every time.

Whether you are buying or selling a property we can help you no matter your location in Victoria. Our conveyancers make sure your experience is simple and stress free. In addition our team works with your best interests in the forefront. Which means whatever the circumstances that present in your property transfer we find the best solution and outcome for you.

  • Conveyancing – residential property, commercial property or vacant land
  • Land transfers
  • Change of ownership – between spouse or family members
  • Withdrawal of caveats on titles
  • Property law
  • Refinancing
  • Lost title application
  • First home owners grant application
  • Survivorship applications

The team at Fordes are dedicated and always available for advice. Also our team of conveyancers and property lawyers are extremely competent, dependable and reliable. Our clients can always rely on us to make sure they get the best result.

So don’t hesitate to call us if you are buying a property, selling a property or need to transfer a property. We are here to provide discuss your circumstances and ready to make sure everything goes smoothly. Call us now – we are always available.